stupid computer...
February 12, 2003, 2:58 am

i really don't know what's wrong with this thing. sometimes i swear i have a virus. i'm downloading a movie on kazaa, and everytime the modem disconnects, kazaa seems to lock up. this didn't ever used to happen. the task manager doesn't work anymore either. if a program locks up, you're supposed to be able to close it with the task manager. but if i try to close something, then the task manager locks up TOO. and that, in turn, locks up the entire system. URGH. it's so frustrating.

I haven't been able to write any new lyrics in ages. i just have no inspiration. and i keep playing the same few tunes over and over again. Bm - G A, Bm - G A, Bm G A Gb, Bm - G Bm A G, G - A Bm, G - Bm A, G - A Bm, G - Bm A, repeat. one of these days i'm gonna write something for that. i like the way it sounds.

ah well. i think i should reboot. get kazaa back online.


February 11, 2003, 3:04 pm

i haven't used this thing in ages... but i guess since my site is down for now, i should start again.


i draw. wanna see my latest?

wheee. i wanna make a fighting game so bad. SO SO SO SO SO SO SOSOSOSOSOSOOOOOOOOOOO bad. but my tablet is broke. :( so for now, all i can do is sketch out character concepts. i'm working on some more right now, and hopefully those will be done sometime soon. wouldn't that be nice? i thought so.


and who would listen?
November 16, 2001, 12:27 am

i like to inform people. i really like it. i have all these tidbits of knowledge that i've acquired along my travels on this rock, and i love to impart those to other people when they are appropriate. i want to be a psychiatrist. an artist psychiatrist. i'll listen to the people as i draw them, and when they're done, they'll get a picture of themselves. and they'll feel good. and forget all their problems. until they get home... to the root of their problems. :)


let it flow...
October 11, 2001, 5:37 pm

gonna try to write something. we'll see if this works out.

the air was cold but i was warm

the fire crackled endlessly

and we discussed how our lives could have been better

surrounded by the burning evergreens

i brought a match just in case you left your lighter

and i brought some kerosene

and i knew that we'd make sure that no one else

got a chance to dance amongst our evergreens

cuz it was our woods and our time

and no one else could have what we had had

a time of love and a time of deep emotion

the only kind that truly made me glad

and i couldn't stand even thinking of another person

standing in the spot where we first kissed

and as i look deep and deeper into your eyes

i'm glad this wasn't something else i missed

time has past since we burned those woods asunder

and i just got out last week

intruiging how they could catch me but not find you

bitch i think you tipped them off to me

and now this song takes a turn for something wierder

cuz i've run out of things to say and things to write

but for some odd reason i'm still writing and still rhyming

in a desperate attempt to fend off sleeping for the night

but my bodies starting to give in and i'm sure that soon i'll go

and then i'll hit the keyboard with a thud

and the little gnome that lives outside my bedroom door will get me

and this writing will be all that's left of me

but you don't care, no you never cared for me

even though i helped you through your times of need

you always used me just to sate your wild desires

and somehow that's just fine by me


ugh. anyways. yeah. that went all wrong.


October 11, 2001, 6:15 am

so i turn on this thing. and i'm lookin through the moods. and i think to myself, i wonder what mood i'm in. and i try to think of the most obscure mood i could possibly be in. and the term complacent comes to mind. and what do ya know? complacent is one of my mood options. how screwed up is that? that's pretty screwed up.

so apparently i'm complacent.

... what the hell does that mean?



i'm gonna go look that up, hold on, i'll be back.


com·pla·cent (km-plsnt)


Contented to a fault; self-satisfied and unconcerned: He had become complacent after years of success.

Eager to please; complaisant.

hm. ya know... i probably already knew that. i just didn't know it. ya know what i mean? it's like the more i learn the more i can't remember.

so i just started thinkin about more stuff to type and i decided to pick the music i was listening to. ... but i wasn't listening to anything. so i put in the song i've been listening to all... what day is it? thursday. all week i guess. i was about to write in weekend. damn, i'm screwed around right now. where was i? oh yeah. so i picked my song and then decided to listen to it, cuz damn rockapella's good. so i flip on morpheus and put my music on repeat and turn up "come on eileen"... and now it's hard to concentrate. cuz this song has so much going on in it, it's hard to concentrate on anything else and still get the full effect of the song.

... yeah. hm. well now. this almost feels like an actual journal now. i don't think i could have joined if they had called it girlyjournal or diarywhee. that would've just been too wierd. yeah. so... umm... i guess i'm done. so i'm gonna stop writing. just wanted to say that i just woke up seconds ago from a really good dream. i mostly dream about seeing old friends. which makes my dreams really good. when i have them. anyways. i just woke up and i remembered a topic that ocurred on about me looking like wolverine. bu i had that full beard going on, whereas logan just has the badass chops. so tried shaving off the middle of my face, and now i look like a dork. not that i didn't before, but before it was just genetic and now it's self-applied. oh well. yeah, so... now i'm stoppin.


so the question becomes...
October 9, 2001, 3:36 pm

should i actually use this thing? i already have my blog on my site. sigh. today i had to GENERATE A CODE so a friend could join. how sad is that? pretty sad. i never even use this thing that is so hard to join now. maybe i should start. here's my first try. i'll write about my life.


feelin' fine.


heh heh... gotta love them simpson's references.