October 11, 2001, 6:15 am

so i turn on this thing. and i'm lookin through the moods. and i think to myself, i wonder what mood i'm in. and i try to think of the most obscure mood i could possibly be in. and the term complacent comes to mind. and what do ya know? complacent is one of my mood options. how screwed up is that? that's pretty screwed up.

so apparently i'm complacent.

... what the hell does that mean?



i'm gonna go look that up, hold on, i'll be back.


com·pla·cent (km-plsnt)


Contented to a fault; self-satisfied and unconcerned: He had become complacent after years of success.

Eager to please; complaisant.

hm. ya know... i probably already knew that. i just didn't know it. ya know what i mean? it's like the more i learn the more i can't remember.

so i just started thinkin about more stuff to type and i decided to pick the music i was listening to. ... but i wasn't listening to anything. so i put in the song i've been listening to all... what day is it? thursday. all week i guess. i was about to write in weekend. damn, i'm screwed around right now. where was i? oh yeah. so i picked my song and then decided to listen to it, cuz damn rockapella's good. so i flip on morpheus and put my music on repeat and turn up "come on eileen"... and now it's hard to concentrate. cuz this song has so much going on in it, it's hard to concentrate on anything else and still get the full effect of the song.

... yeah. hm. well now. this almost feels like an actual journal now. i don't think i could have joined if they had called it girlyjournal or diarywhee. that would've just been too wierd. yeah. so... umm... i guess i'm done. so i'm gonna stop writing. just wanted to say that i just woke up seconds ago from a really good dream. i mostly dream about seeing old friends. which makes my dreams really good. when i have them. anyways. i just woke up and i remembered a topic that ocurred on about me looking like wolverine. bu i had that full beard going on, whereas logan just has the badass chops. so tried shaving off the middle of my face, and now i look like a dork. not that i didn't before, but before it was just genetic and now it's self-applied. oh well. yeah, so... now i'm stoppin.


so the question becomes...
October 9, 2001, 3:36 pm

should i actually use this thing? i already have my blog on my site. sigh. today i had to GENERATE A CODE so a friend could join. how sad is that? pretty sad. i never even use this thing that is so hard to join now. maybe i should start. here's my first try. i'll write about my life.


feelin' fine.


heh heh... gotta love them simpson's references.