I think I need to get away from my house more
December 11, 2022, 9:22 am

I'm sitting on the toilet in a hotel in Santa Monica, and I've never felt so inspired to create. If you think that's weird, clearly you haven't spent enough time in a bathroom that someone else will clean. Something about being in your own space just puts your mind to all the problems and chores around you. And then getting away from that just frees it up.

I get the feeling this is not some grand epiphany that no one has ever had before. But it's at least something I've never put thought into before.

I had such high hopes for this trip to LA. But it is raining. It's not a storm, but it's like wet rain. You know how some rain is light and fun and breezy? And some rain is crazy and windy and terrible? Well this rain is just like... wet. It's just a dump of water. It's a puddle maker. They say the rain will drift off mid day, and then I hope to be able to walk around the beach for a bit.

But right now. Here in this stark white bathroom. With no things leaning. And all clean linens. And a bare counter top. I feel compelled to create. Or at least I feel the urge to write.

I actually love writing. I like writing my thoughts. I like writing poetry. I enjoy the process of thought distillation. And I enjoy writing on a keyboard, more than writing with a pen. And I have so many implements for writing with pens. I wish I liked that more. Does anyone else do that? Get tools for things they wish they could like, but ultimately never get in to? Who am I talking to? I'm the only one that reads these blogs.

I should probably some time add the ability to comment on this blog. But if I were honest, although I like the idea that no one sees this blog but me, it also somewhat makes me sad that perhaps no one sees this blog but me.

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