Black Jack (2014)

A game of Black Jack that doesn't use any bitmap graphics. All graphics presented are html and css. I also attempted to class the cards in such a way that other games could be created in the future.

Memory (2014)

A matching game which shows the solution for a second, and then requires the player to remember where the matched numbers are located.

Chutes n Ladders (2014)

A game of Chutes n Ladders, sometimes called Snakes and Ladders, that plays itself, and tracks statistics for the games played.

Hackey Sack (2016)
Hackey Sack (2012)

Html5 Canvas based Hackey Sack game. There is also a flash version of this script as well. The Html5 version is better, with squishing, bouncing, and clicking that is much more natural. The speed is better, and it almost works on mobile. The html5 version uses a library called jCanvas.

The newest version is running off completely custom code, and has multiple balls to choose from to show a variety of physics.

Tic Tac Toe (2012)

A super simple tictactoe script. It works. You can play it. Give it a shot.

Creature Grow (CANVAS - 2012)
Creature Grow (DOM - 2012)

An experiment in Encapsulation and Autonomy. Essentially a configurable AI simulator.

A slightly more advanced game of life.

Dungeon Blast (2012)

A fun little dungeon crawling adventure. There is no story, but there are a number of locations and creatures to attack in each location. I am still hoping to come back to this and work on it some more.

Roll a character, Hunt for an opponent, and do battle!

Slots (2012)

An attempt to create a slot machine.

Chess (version 6 - 2013)
Chess (version 5 - 2010)

This is part of my never ending attempt to make a chess script. Most of the movement logic is in place, but there is no AI, and there is no win scenario.


There is no actual logic at play here, you can move cards around in a very klondike way. An experiment in deck creation.


Culurs (2016)
Color Wheel (2014)

A HSV to RGB to HEX color wheel. It allows a list of colors to be saved.

The newest version is responsive, prettier, and has a domain name.

WageIs (2016)
Money Laundery (2011)

A small mobile app for calculating not only how much money you make, but how much money you could make, if you had a savings account. The math isn't perfect, but it was a fun little experiment.

This script also was my first use of the canvas element, which I use to create a small graph.

The website is completely responsive, and has an updated theme. Some of the algorithms have been improved as well.

Flash Cards (2012)

This was my first attempt at using AngularJS. This flashcard app uses Angular and Bootstrap to create a simple interface for adding, editing, and viewing cards.

I suppose also worth mentioning is the fact that this script uses gestures. So give a swipe a try, and that "should" work, even on mobile.

Up Up Down Up (2011)

A simple counting script made to work as a mobile app. This will allow someone to count 4 separate things at once, by switching between them, tab style.


Small Code (2014)

I like small, useful code bites, and I love Javascript. I made this webpage to showcase common code snippets at their minimum necessary size. Most of these code examples are smaller than a tweet. You should be able to try any of these in the console of your browser.

Dirty Drawers (2015)

A simple sliding drawer javascript class.