Updates and such
April 1, 2013, 11:32 am

I went through my site and decided to pull things down and push things around and take a couple hours to bring my code into 2013. I've always preferred stark simplicity and information to wild and crazy design. I'm using bootstrap a lot these days for rapid prototyping, and so I stuck with a default bootstrap layout. This pleases me, but it also describes the way I'm moving now. I've learned to modularize my css into classes. Individual items don't get so much individual attention anymore, but broad structured classes are used to define the overarching design of a project. It's been a learning process. I also went in and simplified some of the code in my archive, to better represent the simplicity of the site in general. I also added a few new things into the codes page, including an updated chess script. There is also now a calligraphy section in the portfolio.

I'm working on a lot of things these days. I'm really excited by the prospects of prototyping with bootstrap and angularjs. I've been really digging into angular and I find it to be really really promising. I'm jazzed to share more and more as I move along. For anyone that sees this, thanks for coming along with me and checking out my journey.