More work gets done
November 30, 2014, 2:03 pm

Slowly, slowly, I'm improving my code. I'm corralling all the random bits of code from all my different projects, and bringing them into one place. I'm fixing a lot of the bad things, and moving forward. I've dropped AngularJS from my main page, and switched to straight php. I never liked how the posts would take a second to load in, and now the site seems to blaze forward a lot better.

I've started hanging out at coffee shops a lot more. Doing code at home is hard to keep up for pace. I have to go out and get myself into an environment where it doesn't feel so comfortable.

Did karaoke last night for the first time in forever at a little bar in Japantown and it was really awesome. Everyone was into it, and it was nice to go to a bar where you had a chance to sing, but you also weren't sequestered in a booth. I was rusty as all hell, but it didn't matter. It felt good to be back. I think I'll go again.

I also added a number of new places over on the sidebar for my stuff, including Twitter and Github. Improved the icons and placement as well. I also pushed up the quality of thumbnails, but I don't know if I'd have to dump them all to get them all to recreate... I should probably know that.