A little bit here, a little bit there
December 1, 2014, 11:22 am

Fixed the thumbnail generator last night. Dumped all the old thumbnails. Over 400. Seems like a lot. Don't think I even have that many images.

Really happy to be able to blog regularly again. I enjoy writing down my thoughts, and even though this is a spot that I show my students, I feel comfortable writing whatever I want here. Most of my blogging is about code anyways.

I continue to improve my base sass files. If you're interested in those files, they are properly underscored, eg. _base2_classes.scss. I have moved them into a condensed css output now, which should help the download of this site even further. I continue to work on SEO and optimization. It's a job that's never really done. Now that my main site is feeling better, I feel confident I can move forward with a redesign soon. I continue to pull in code from side projects. Smallcode was a little thing I put together to show off tiny bits of javascript, but also just common javascript functions that I need all the time. I also used some php code in there for converting block formatted elements into ordered lists for displaying code. If I get that working with my editor, I'll share it out here.

My blogeditor now has a preview as I type. It is a very zen feeling to type on the left, but look to the right. Always look forward in everything you do. Never be satisfied to pine for the past.


My preview is one letter behind my typing. I wonder if I should fix that...

Nevermind, I fixed it. It's the difference between keypress, and keyup. onkeypress hasn't written the current letter to the input value yet. onkeyup has.