Sometimes inspiration just hits
December 10, 2022, 10:54 am

When you get older, and you get a job, and you have friends, and all the social things you do in your life, it gets harder and harder to find not just time but energy for your hobbies.

I think video games are also a problem for me. A long long time ago, I recall reading an article about Joe Madureira and how he couldn't keep to a schedule for his comics because he was always playing video games. And I recall thinking to myself, that dummy, how can he not manage his time better? How could video games be a bad thing. But it's so true. You just waste all your time and energy on something that gives you those dopamines, but doesn't produce any results for you.

Whenever I have other things to do, that seems to always be the time when I'm most inspired to write. For code or prose or this blog, it always seems to strike when I have a deadline for something else.

I'm traveling to Los Angeles this week, and I should be packing. But I've been writing code and documentation for my apptools library all morning. I feel like I made all these things in my life, but I never released any of them. I never finished any of them. I desperately want to release the apptools library. I mean, I've made github releases for it, and I've used it in lots of stuff, but no one else has. And partially that's because no one else know how to use it. And I really want other people to be able to use it, because, genuinely I think it's good.

I'm not even using my Core CSS library that I've built there here on my site, and I totally should be. God, I need to redesign my website too... How many times have I had that scary thought? Ugh. Well. Back to writing code and documentation, and not doing the packing that I should be doing.