What is this a trend?
December 11, 2022, 8:17 pm

I did a lot of good work today. Some people go on vacation and they treat themselves. They go see things, and they meet people, and they do cool things.

I fucking wrote javascript and released a new better version of my code.

But I also made it easier for me to use my querying library in the future. I was always trying to find like... the last good project that used it, to copy the initialization process, and now I just built it into the library. And I made it work reliably. There were a couple features that I had made into a couple demos that like... didn't actually do any of the things I had planned for.

The new location is qjs. It's focused on just the querying library, instead of having all the other pieces. I think I originally had it separate but then I merged it, and now I'm separating it again. It's better this way. Trust me. In fact, here's my core css library separated as well.